Saturday, November 6, 2010

And . . .We're Back!

Hi there! (If anyone is still even checking our blog! Ha!) I can't believe that I haven't posted in forever! Being a working Mommy has taken all of my free time! I'll try to post later with all of the pictures from the last few months, but for now here are some of MANY to come Halloween pictures. Our Halloween was so much fun and busy this year. We decided to dress Audrey up as Foofa, from her "used to be" favorite cartoon, Yo Gabba Gabba. Her current fave is Dora, but at the time of deciding costumes she was into the Gabba. Our sweet friend Michelle offered to make Auds a homemade Foofa costume and it turned out SO CUTE. She is so talented.

The first stop on our weeklong Halloween festivities started at Audrey's school's Halloween carnival. Now, we almost didn't go. The carnival started at 7:00 pm on a Monday night. We all know I'm "kind of" into sticking to schedules, and since Audrey's normal bedtime during the week is 7 I didn't think we could do it. But, I decided to just go crazy and actually stray from the routine. ;) Baby steps, right?

When we got Audrey dressed in her costume for the first time she wasn't the biggest fan. James and I had to actually hold her down on the floor while she kicked and screamed and literally tried to tear her cute little tutu off. But the minute we got out the door and said "We're going to see your friends at school, let's go see Abby (her BFF)" she perked right up and was ready to go. She wouldn't wear the cute little headband , so she ended up looking just like a ballerina. But she made a pretty darn cute one!

Walking into the festival. (Notice the hair matted to her head from the earlier tantrum!)
Waiting excitedly to go in with Mommy! Her school did an AWESOME job with the carnival. Just the outdoor decorations were amazing!

Eyeing the games. Not sure what to think just yet . . .but Mom sure is excited!

I'm ready to get my candy! She did really good with the games. She waited in line and got really into each one. I think her favorite was throwing the rings on the upside down witches legs. We didn't get a picture of it, but it was such a cute game.

Typical Auds - no fear! She jumped right in the middle of all the older kids doing a cakewalk and joined right in! She walked around the circle with them for a minute and then just decided to grab herself some candy without actually "winning" it.

Look what I got!

Ok, I'm tired and ready for bed now. Don't even *try* to take my picture!

I am so so glad that we went. The best part was when Audrey saw all of her friends outside of their normal setting. They were all so confused at first, and then just ran up to each other and said each others' names. So fun!