Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Audrey Loses a Tooth

Wow!  We've had a HUGE milestone in our house this week. Audrey lost a tooth!  She mentioned last week that one of her teeth felt wiggly, but I kind of brushed it off and didn't really put much thought into it.  My friends who have 6 year olds are just now talking about their kiddos losing teeth, so I didn't think Audrey was anywhere close to this.  We were at Central Market picking up a dinner I was bringing to my friends' the next night.  I really wasn't paying much attention to Audrey when all of a sudden she tugged on my arm and whispered, "Mama, my tooth is out!"  I turned around and saw her tooth in her hand.  I freaked out.  I could not believe she just lost a tooth!  I just stood there in shock for a little bit, and kept saying, "I can't believe you lost a tooth!"  A bunch of sweet ladies walked by and commented on how exciting this was.  :)  Audrey made me hold her tooth until we could get home and put her tooth in a safe place.  Luckily her Nana and Papa had gotten her the sweetest Tooth Fairy book with a special bag to leave your tooth in for the Tooth Fairy.  Audrey insisted that we put the tooth in the bag right away.  She then proceeded to go to bed at a VERY early bedtime because she wanted to be ready!

She fell right asleep, and was up at 5 am running into my room, "Mama, the TOOTH FAIRY CAME! MY TOOTH IS GONE AND NOW THERE IS MONEY IN THERE!"  After much debate, and from hearing from some other Tooth Fairies that the going rate can be anywhere up to $30 (yes people, I know someone who got 30 DOLLARS for losing a tooth!) Audrey received $2.50.  She was beyond thrilled to have both dollar bills and change.

Milestone:  First Lost Tooth.  Check.  WOW!!

Oh, and she also fell back asleep after the 5 am wake up, which I have to say was equally as exciting!  ;)