Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some exciting things around here!

I was doing so well with the blog updating, but have really slacked in the past few weeks. One of the main reasons was because I was busy with birthday parties for Audrey's friends and studying for the ESL exam that I had to take. Birthday parties=fun, studying for a test, not so much. Plano ISD passed a new initiative this year that all teachers had to be ESL certified. So my team went to study for this test. We all attended two Saturday study sessions, and countless hours of studying for this test. Two of my teammates took it last month, and both came back from it saying it was extremely hard. So I tried to study as much as I could, but as a working momma, how much time do you have? So I took the test this past weekend and . . . PASSED!! With a really good score. I couldn't believe it. Yay me!

I also joined a gym this week. As you know, I have always worked out regularly since I was in high school. But since Auds and I moved to Richardson, and I became a single mom, I couldn't find the time to workout. But lately I've realized that it's a part of me, and I have to do it to feel better about myself, therefore becoming a better mom. So I joined 24 Hour Fitness on Monday and I just cannot express how WONDERFUL it felt to be back in the gym again. And my job allows me to leave work by 3, so I can workout and still pickup Auds by 4. AWESOME! Plus our new gym has a family pool complete with slides and a wading pool which will be perfect for Audrey!

But the most important things in our lives lately is that we finally found a church that we can call home. I was raised Catholic, married and became a Methodist, and am now attending a Baptist church. Yep. But it's where God wants us to be and I am so happy to have finally found a Bible study that I love and a church family. We are so blessed.

And I just can't end a post without some Audrey pictures, so here she is, having too much fun in the bath, making up stories with her mermaids.

"This mermaid hit the other one. She has to go to timeout. It's so sad."

"Now they're friends again and having fun. Yay!" :)