Monday, May 25, 2009

4 Months Old!

Audrey is 4 months old!!! We can't believe it! Let's start with a few cute pictures! Isn't this outfit the most precious thing you have ever seen? Our super sweet neighbor, Anna, bought it for Audrey.

Well, we are officially done with swaddling! Last week I fed her, swaddled her, and put her down and 5 minutes later she was laughing and talking. I went in and she had gotten out of her swaddle. Fine. So I reswaddle her super tight. Literally 5 minutes later she is screaming. So James goes in to check on her, and she is completely out of her swaddle again. He does the "Daddy Super Swaddle" like only he can do and puts her down. 3 minutes later she is screaming again and out of her blanket! I told her Fine! Mommy gives up! So we put her in her big girl pajamas and put her down. I was sure she would be up all night because her hands, feet, etc, would keep waking her up. Nope, she slept until we had to wake her in the morning! Audrey looks so old in her little pjs!

And here we are during my favorite time of day. Story time before bed. Audrey really likes her books and is starting to reach out and try to touch the pictures. So sweet!

Monday, May 11, 2009

This post is dedicated to "The Hob"

So, as most of you know, "The HOB" refers to Heather and Bob. Heather and I met in the A&M dorms in Briggs Hall during our freshman year of college. Kristen and I moved in, and looked over at our neighbors' door, which was decorated with Plano SENIOR High pictures. We, being the cool Plano EAST girls that we were, couldn't believe that we traveled all the way to College Station to meet some snotty West side girls. But then Heather and Stacy started blaring the Dixie Chicks, and we all decided to become best friends.

Fast forward 6 or so years. Through many Pat Green songs, many drinking games, and many workouts. And Heather and her husband Bob (who has become one of my best friends too, b/c he's just that cool!) moved across the street from us. Heather and I had, for many petty and silly reasons (too many on my part!) had drifted apart. Then her and Bob got married and moved to Dallas. And we all hung out occassionally, and became friends. Then they decided to move to Lake Highlands. And a home ON OUR STREET became for sale. So I suggested they buy it. And they did! ;) And while James was helping them move in, they discovered that their fridge would not fit in the opening made for it in the kitchen. James suggested they tear down the wall and rebuild it. Bob was in. And a man friendship was made!!!!

Since then, many projects between both households have been completed. Some requiring the assistance of the fire department, some just taking longer than plannned. But through it all, we have made life long friends.

Anywhoooo, the point to this post is that we know we are so lucky to have such great friends live right across the street. And the fact that their daugher will be born in July is even that much more exciting. Her and Audrey will be best friends!!!

Which is why I started this post . . . the HOB offered to watch Auds last week so James and I could go to dinner. These are the cute pictures they took. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here's a preview of our professional family portraits

Oh my goodness! So we finally got around to taking professional family pictures, courtesy of James' co-worker Selso, who has a photography business on the side. We decided to do some test shots at home and the rest at Northpark Mall. This is what he sent us today. Too cute!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lots of changes this week

This was my first week back at work and it was so hard to leave Audrey! I just don't know how I can do this! I miss her so much all day and rush to see her after work. I love her babysitter and I know she's having fun with her new friends - especially Paige! :), but I just hate being away from her.

So we had to get used to the new routine of getting up earlier, getting her to Sue's house, etc, and also James had to go out of town! He left Weds. morning and won't be back until tonight. Talk about stressful! So I decided to take Friday off (even though I have 0 days left, whatever!) just because I couldn't leave Audrey. There are only 5 weeks of school left and I pray they go by quickly. Who knows what the future holds. I know we will find something that works for all of us.

Another change is that little Miss Auds is getting too big for her swaddle! This is how I found her yesterday morning. She's all "What up Mom, I am so over this swaddle! I'm free!!" It was hilarious! So we are now napping without the swaddle and she's doing great. Eventually we'll try sleeping at night without it . . .

The best part of this week was seeing Aunt Kristen!!!! She hasn't seen Audrey since she was 2 weeks old. She couldn't believe how big she'd gotten! And of course Jack got Audrey to laugh and smile!

If only she could have stayed longer. I think a trip to Indy is in Audrey's future! :)