Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 Months Old!

Look who's 3 months old already! I can't believe it. Audrey's such a big girl! She's really becoming her own little person. Yesterday she actually laughed for a few second. It was hysterical!

Just to compare, here she is at 3 weeks! Wow!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Morning!

This is what I get to see every morning when Audrey wakes up. We know she's awake when she starts "talking" and making noises. She doesn't really cry. When I walk in I say "Good Morning!" and she turns her head and gives me the most beautiful smile. It's the best thing in the whole entire world!

Then I unwrap her swaddler and she just pops her arms out and is so excited to be free!

Audrey loves to stretch her arms out! Isn't she just the cutest??

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

We have so many new pictures to share!

James' parents have a beautiful home and we took a lot of pictures there.

Audrey LOVES bathtime. She usually smiles and laughs throughout the whole thing. James thought it would be cute to make a lot of bubbles and put her in it. She loves it!

Here we are on the flight to New Jersey. I was SO nervous but she did great. It is so hard to travel with children. But so many people were wonderful to us. This mommy thing is so neat. It's like you're in a club. Every other mommy on the flight went out of her way to let us know that Auds was doing great, how could they help, etc. It meant so much to us!
Here's Audrey and I after I had a glass of wine and relaxed. ;) She was great! I just couldn't stop worrying about "what if!" When James asked the flight attendant for a glass of wine for me, she responded " Of course! Every new mom needs that on their first flight!" and she gave me my drink for free!

James loved showing Audrey the sights as we flew in to Newark.

The trip back was little harder. The weather was awful so our flight kept getting delayed. We were getting pretty annoyed! Audrey was cranky, I was tired, and Uncle Eric just fell asleep! :) When we finally got on our flight everyone was cranky, every seat was full, and the whole mood of the plane was bad. James and I had seats apart from each other and when I asked the guy next to me if we could switch he snapped at me! Hello, lady with a baby here! But he did end up moving and letting us sit together. Audrey was fine and finally fell asleep for the rest of the flight. We didn't get home until 11:30 that night and James and I were exhausted. Note to self: always book an earlier flight. Getting home that late was not fun!
But overall it was a successful trip and Audrey did great.

Here's Audrey with her Uncle Bob. He always makes her smile!

Even when he puts her in silly outfits! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

And We're Back!

We finally got our new computer!!! Yay!! I have so much to post about, but not much time right now. So I'll just do the most recent pictures and post the other ones later on.

Audrey celebrated her 1st Easter this weekend at Nana and Grandad's house in Kingwood. It was so much fun to put together an Easter basket for her! I even added some fun candy just for me and James. :)

But I don't think Audrey was too impressed. ;)

Here we are ready to go to church. This is probably the worst picture ever taken of me (except for the one right after high school graduation - Kristen - you know which one I'm talking about!). But it's a cute family photo so whatever! We went to the First United Methodist Church of Kingwood and it was a truly wonderful church service. I am so glad we got to go.

Here's Audrey playing with Nana on her playmate. So fun!

And Audrey with Grandad and Toby. (I think, maybe Gulliver??) Nana and Grandad have 2 dogs and even though Audrey was a little startled by them at first, by the end of the weekend she had fun with them.

We can't wait until next year when Audrey will be able to hunt for Easter eggs!