Thursday, January 27, 2011

2nd Birthday Party - Post #1: The Preparation!

Wow. I just cannot believe my baby girl is 2. She has grown so much and just amazes me everyday with what she is learning and what an independent person she has become. For some reason this 2nd birthday has been more sentimental to me than her first. I think it's just because she's really coming into her own and she's such a wonderful little girl. But I'll save my sappy post for another time! ;) We had a train party for Audrey because she is obsessed with two things: Dora and trains. I just couldn't bring myself to spend a day singing "da-da-da-da Dora" all day, so we went with the train theme. :) It was a hit. Audrey loved it and loved all of her train stuff. I have so many pictures to share so I thought I would put it into two posts.

This one is all about the preparation that went into the party. It was a lot of work but it was totally worth to see Audrey and her friends enjoy it.

Just to start us off, here's Audrey and Uncle Eric just relaxing watching, what else, Dora, while everyone else was running around like crazy. Thank you Eric for keeping her entertained so we could get ready!

Here's the cute little train cookie decorating station for the kiddos.
These are the ADORABLE menu cards and cupcake decorations made by none other than Design Roots. Check out for their awesome ideas.

The wall decorations and door hangars (plus the confetti on the table) were made by my friend Meaghan. SOOOO Cute! The door hangar said "All Aboard"!

And the wall decoration said "Audrey is 2!"

Our big gift to Audrey was her toy car. She is obsessed with them at school and we knew she would love it!

And she does!!! We've spent every afternoon out riding in it. So fun.
More birthday pics to come in the next post. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful support group of family, friends, and neighbors who came out to celebrate Audrey. Pictures to follow! :)