Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Practicing our Soccer Skills

Well, we've made it.  We're soccer parents.  Audrey has reached that point where soccer IS.LIFE.  (Anyone else remember those t-shirts??)  Her team had a great game this past weekend, and won again.  Audrey scored 2 goals!  Her coach told her after that game that if she keeps up her hard work, she will get the game ball next week!  She was so excited.  So excited that when she stayed at Grammy's on Sunday night, my mom said that she could have sworn Audrey was asleep, but she all of a sudden yelled out, "Grammy, I'm going to get the game ball at my next soccer game!"  Someone is clearly living and breathing soccer.

Her coach sent out an e-mail saying that at tonight's practice they would be working on passing drills.  Something 4 year olds are not the best at.  Share the ball?  Why??!

So when James came to pick her up for practice, we decided to practice at home for a little bit.  

*I know these are a lot of pictures.  But they were just too cute to leave any out!

What these pictures don't show is Audrey unable to understand the "passing" part of soccer.  So James and I had to act it out for her a few times before she really caught on.  Luckily no one was there to catch my moves while barefoot, in pajama shorts, holding my camera!  :)  But after she saw us pass back and forth to each other she caught on and did great!  

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Days

Our Summer Days around here look like this . . .

Wake up and immediately head to the pool

Play in our kitchens and serve Mommy some fresh water with an orange ;)

Prepare lunch for our dolls

Squeeze in a little sing and dance party

Head to the mall for some shopping with friends (or just relaxing in the chairs while the mommies look around)

Come home and water the flowers (or Mommy waters the flowers while Audrey makes sure that that the dirt is fully watered)

Double check the concrete in the neighborhood to make sure it has enough water

Pick out a movie for Movie Night

Enjoy some pizza while watching The Princess and The Frog

And also have some popcorn while watching a movie AND reading a magazine, which is exactly what Mommy is doing too.  :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Soccer Star

Whew!  I am finally getting around to posting.  First and foremost, I *think* my camera is really fixed this time.  After a few trips to the camera store, I think we figured out the problem.  I may or may not have been taking my memory card out while the camera was still on, and ruining the memory card.  ;)  Maybe I should have read the directions?  

But back to our main girl, who is now a big time soccer player.  We did the Soccer Tots thing last summer, but that didn't really work out.  She was too busy arguing with her friends over who got to sit on the purple spot.  

So on a whim I told James that I think we needed to sign Audrey up for good ol PSA Soccer this summer.  He was all for it, so we signed her up.  I don't think I really understood the kind of commitment we were getting into, with the weekly practices, games at random times during the week, etc.  But, Audrey is growing up so I need to get with the program.  

At her first practice she was a little shy at first, but then jumped right in.  But I wasn't sure how she would do at her first game.  It's 5 on 5 and the coaches aren't allowed to be on the field with them.  I was envisioning mass chaos with 3 and 4 year olds running around like crazy.  But again, she surprised me with how quickly she learns things.  She jumped right in there and RAN like crazy after the ball.  She really loved it.

This past Tuesday was her second game.  And again she exceeded our expectations.  While she ran with her teammates and found her spot during the first game, during the second game she really focused on trying to score goals.  

Here's our soccer star before her game:

Waiting with her teammates for the play to start . . .

Her favorite part of the game.  After each play has ended, the players have to run back and find their spot.  She was literally the first person back at her spot each time.

Scoring a goal!!!  

Trying to score another goal . . .

Halftime chat with Coach Cyndi

Watching the ball

We were just so impressed with how much more aggressive she was during this game.  She really went after the ball!

After Orange Crush's (her team's name) victory, they slapped hands with the other team.

She is having so much fun with this and I love seeing her learn something new.  At her game last night James showed her a picture from when he was little, in an orange uniform, playing soccer.  It was too funny.  I'll have to get that picture for a side by side comparison!