Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Practicing our Soccer Skills

Well, we've made it.  We're soccer parents.  Audrey has reached that point where soccer IS.LIFE.  (Anyone else remember those t-shirts??)  Her team had a great game this past weekend, and won again.  Audrey scored 2 goals!  Her coach told her after that game that if she keeps up her hard work, she will get the game ball next week!  She was so excited.  So excited that when she stayed at Grammy's on Sunday night, my mom said that she could have sworn Audrey was asleep, but she all of a sudden yelled out, "Grammy, I'm going to get the game ball at my next soccer game!"  Someone is clearly living and breathing soccer.

Her coach sent out an e-mail saying that at tonight's practice they would be working on passing drills.  Something 4 year olds are not the best at.  Share the ball?  Why??!

So when James came to pick her up for practice, we decided to practice at home for a little bit.  

*I know these are a lot of pictures.  But they were just too cute to leave any out!

What these pictures don't show is Audrey unable to understand the "passing" part of soccer.  So James and I had to act it out for her a few times before she really caught on.  Luckily no one was there to catch my moves while barefoot, in pajama shorts, holding my camera!  :)  But after she saw us pass back and forth to each other she caught on and did great!  

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Gerri said...

You are now an official soccer family! I love all the pictures.