Thursday, January 29, 2009

Deep Thoughts from a New Mom ;)

So last night I attempted to go out for an hour and leave Audrey. Heather was having a Jewelry party so I thought I would get out for a minute and buy myself something cute. I took a shower, actually dried my hair and put on make-up, and actually fit into a pre-pregnancy shirt! I was feeling good. Of course I had no second thoughts about leaving Audrey with James and I was on my way. But the minute I walked down the street to Heather's, I started to tear up! I went on to the party though and was excited to see some friends. But as I was talking to them I found myself not even listening to what they were saying. All I could think of was "I wonder what Audrey's doing?" Even a small glass of wine didn't calm me down. As we sat down to look at the jewelry, was near tears again. I kept asking myself why in the world am I looking at jewelry when I can be looking at my baby? So I got up and went home! The minute I walked in the door I just started crying. And I don't even know why! I just felt so emotional. I kept telling James that I don't know how I'll ever be able to enjoy anything else again!!

So my question to all the moms is "Is this normal?" and "When did you feel ok leaving the baby?" How can I leave such a precious face?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Adventures With Audrey

So far, so good! Audrey is the most precious, beautiful, wonderful thing ever. I love her so much it hurts. By far, the most wonderful part of this is watching James with her. He loves to sing songs to her and she just loves being held by Daddy!

We've been getting out with her and having some fun adventures. First stop, Daddy's favorite restaurant, Wendy's!

Today we went to Target to pick up some essentials. ;)

Each time we took her out it went great. She absolutely loves being in the car and being pushed in her stroller. Tomorrow we're off to the pediatrician for a check up. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Audrey Elizabeth Adams

is here! She was born on January 22 at 7:16 pm. She is absolutely beautiful and is the most amazing thing. We can't stop staring at her. We will post more pictures and details later. Here are a few pictures that Auntie Heather took!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, we're off to our "last dinner" and then on to the hospital!!! We will have a baby (hopefully) by tomorrow. Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts. Next post WILL be pictures!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Still Waiting

No baby yet! I went to the dr. on Thursday, and there was no change. My due date is tomorrow and we're hoping she comes any time now! If she's not here by Weds. we are going to induce. But in the mean time we are trying to encourage Baby A to join the world! Heather and I went for a loooong walk this morning, James and I have been eating spicy food, but nothing has worked yet. We can't wait to meet her!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

All We Need is a Baby . . .

We're ready! Every single thing on my To-Do list is checked off. I never thought we would get to this point!

We hung up the pictures . . .

My bag is packed and ready to go! (This is how I think I'll look when we're actually going to the hospital)
And the car seat is installed and ready for Little Miss . . . . oh, well we still need to decide on a name! ;)

It's been a long 9 months. Pregnancy is not at all what I thought it would be. It was way harder! But it was worth it and I can't believe we are so close to meeting our little baby girl. One thing I've learned through this whole process is how lucky we are to have such wonderful family and friends. When I think about all of the support, help, and encouragement that we've gotten from everyone I get a little teary! (Or maybe it's just the hormones!) James and I are just so appreciative of all the love everyone has shown us. Our little girl is so lucky! We have both grown so much these past 9 months. I can't wait to see how much we grow in the next few months! I still officially have 2 weeks until my due date, but I think she'll show up a little early. Hopefully my next post will be pictures of our beautiful girl!!!