Monday, May 25, 2009

4 Months Old!

Audrey is 4 months old!!! We can't believe it! Let's start with a few cute pictures! Isn't this outfit the most precious thing you have ever seen? Our super sweet neighbor, Anna, bought it for Audrey.

Well, we are officially done with swaddling! Last week I fed her, swaddled her, and put her down and 5 minutes later she was laughing and talking. I went in and she had gotten out of her swaddle. Fine. So I reswaddle her super tight. Literally 5 minutes later she is screaming. So James goes in to check on her, and she is completely out of her swaddle again. He does the "Daddy Super Swaddle" like only he can do and puts her down. 3 minutes later she is screaming again and out of her blanket! I told her Fine! Mommy gives up! So we put her in her big girl pajamas and put her down. I was sure she would be up all night because her hands, feet, etc, would keep waking her up. Nope, she slept until we had to wake her in the morning! Audrey looks so old in her little pjs!

And here we are during my favorite time of day. Story time before bed. Audrey really likes her books and is starting to reach out and try to touch the pictures. So sweet!

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