Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Spring Break Fun!

After we got back from our Road Trip, Audrey and I kept on the go! :) We had so much fun playing with our friends this week!

We went to the Arboretum with Audrey's BFF from school, Sara, and her mom. It was so pretty there and the weather was perfect. But I think every other mom in Dallas had our idea too because it was packed!

Dora snackies and a red wagon are a must for a trip to the Arboretum!

Having fun playing in the houses . . .

Lunch! It was so funny because Katie and I were the least prepared parents there. We completely forgot blankets and other fun things that the mommies around us had. The moms on one side had a whole set up of hummus, dips, and a variety of small sandwiches for all their kiddies. The moms on our other side had a huge comfy blanket and WINE! We vowed to be more prepared next time! ;) But Auds and Sara were happy as could be sitting on the grass with their lunches.

So many beautiful flowers!
The Arboretum has a neat water feature for the kids to play in. Sara jumped right in, but Audrey was a little scared of the water shooting out of the big frogs!

It was a lot of fun and it's so nice that Audrey loves her friends at school!

We also had a chance to play with our friend Ayers, who lives down the street. I watched him all day and we had fun, but they wore me out! The also both decided not to nap, so it got a little crazy!
Here they are tricking me, thinking that they might want to nap later!

Dancing to Dora Music! Vamanos amigos! ;)

The next day Audrey's friend Cade came over with his mom Hilary, who I've known since high school. Audrey and Cade are tight because when they were babies they were "helmet buddies" and both had to go through the wonderful head reshaping process!

So much fun but I think that I need a break from our Spring Break!!! :)

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Gerri said...

Fun time had by all! Going back to work will be a rest for you~~