Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy 2 1/2 Birthday Audrey Elizabeth!

Last week, Audrey turned 2 1/2! She is growing up just so too fast these days. Sometimes (well, most times) I wish she had a mid-year birthday. The holidays are so busy, and then BOOM it's her birthday and she gets a slew of gifts and excitement all at one time. But then I have students who complain about their summer birthdays, so who knows? So we are going to celebrate her 1/2 birthday as well! Why not, right? ;)

Audrey, here are some words I would use to describe you at this stage in your life:

  • INDEPENDENT! Holy cow do you want to do things on your own. One of your favorite phrases is "No, I do it!!!" said in a very very independent tone. ;) You want to do everything on your own, which is scary and a bit time consuming.

  • Smart. Oh my goodness are you smart. I know that every parent says this about their child (I've witnessed it) but I really believe you are above average in your intellectual ability. As soon as we moved into the new house, you walked up the stairs and said "12!" Grammy and I couldn't believe that yes, you counted the 12 stairs correctly, in your head. You can count to 20 in English and Spanish and you have awesome 1 to 1 counting. You actually *know* what 8 means. We are so proud of you!

  • Social. You want nothing else than to be around your friends and other kiddos. You don't care if they're 2 or 10, you just want to play! I love how you just run up to a new friend and want to play. I hope you always keep this open mind and outgoing spirit.

  • Artistic. You get this from your Daddy. Your favorite thing to do is color and paint and you can sit for up to 45 minutes doing either. You woke up at 6:45 this morning yelling "I need to color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And you got right to it:

I love this picture of you from Bridgette's birthday party. You were a painting rockstar! :)

Things you are into right now are: Princesses, coloring, painting, Cars!, Dora and Diego still a bit, playing in your kitchen, and then coloring some more! You also love to swim and dance.

Happy 2 1/2 Birthday Auds!!!!! :) We love you!!


Gerri said...

Where has the time gone? Audrey is 2 1/2 going on 5!! Yesterday I said to Audrey "have fun at school tomorrow" and she replied "thanks"!!
I love you sweet pea:-)

NANA said...

she is a prodigy!!