Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let's Build A Gingerbread House!

We did SO many fun things this holiday season, but I think building and decorating a gingerbread house was by far my favorite. Auds and I had already done one with our neighbors 2 weeks ago, so she knew what to do and was ready to go! :)

James bought the kit awhile ago, and we told her we would decorate it "when Uncle Eric got here". Well poor Uncle Eric, the minute he got here, she dragged him over to the house and said LOOK!! YOUR new house! We do this with you NOW Uncle Eric! (Luckily we had the Trains at Northpark to go see first with him, which was my second favorite holiday activity this year).

But when we we got home from the Mall, it was ON. Here is Auds helping (architect) Daddy (who had big plans the house!), while Uncle Eric and Grammy watch.

Helping Uncle Eric get the walls ready . . .

Taste testing the decorations before we put them on while Daddy did some more work . . .

And it went on like that. Audrey was really into decorating at first, and then when she realized that her hands would get all dirty and sticky she was D.O.N.E. She was hilarious. "Auds, do you want to put some candy on the doors?" "No, I just can't. It will get my hands dirty." :) So she just sat and watched, and snacked, while everyone else built a really good house!

So much fun!


Gerri said...

Fun it was!!!

Hilary said...

So sweet! I love her personality!