Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to Reality

Wow, I can't believe our vacation is over.  2 solid weeks of no school for either of us and we really made the most of it!  Audrey has been so well behaved and sweet to be around (not including her time out on Christmas Day, really, who goes to time out on Christmas?  And the restaurant issue on Uncle Eric's Birthday).  She's really been enjoying her new toys, helping me clean, and just being all around fun to hang out with.  We've been sleeping in, meeting friends to play, and enjoying our time with no schedule.

Is there anything better than movie night?  No friends, there is not.  Snuggling in our pj's watching a movie is the best.  We watched "The Princess and The Frog" last night and it started out really good, but got a little creepy in the middle.  We all know that Audrey gets scared easily, and this movie had a few scary parts.  But overall it was fun to watch a "different" kind of princess movie.

If this Christmas Break can be summed up in one word it would be:  Princesses.  "Mama, come play in my Princess Castle with me.  Mama, I want to wear my Tangled socks, shirt, etc.  Mama, I'm going to color in my Princess coloring book.  Mama, I'm reading my Tangled book on my Leap Pad."

The Leap Pad.  This was the one gift I was SUPER excited about getting Audrey for Christmas.  She already navigates through my iPhone like a pro, so I knew she would catch on quickly.  She loves this thing.  But it's a little scary because she's getting a little more "away" from us if that makes any sense.  Like she can put on her headphones and just be in her own world.  So far she hasn't used it so much that I need to put a limit on it, but I am ready to do so when needed.  I have worked with way too many kiddos with behavior issues at school who spend all of their time with electronic devices.  Using her Leap Pad is a privilege, not something to use all of the time.  But it sure is neat!  And it really is showing me how she is such the little artist.  She has so many apps and games to choose from, but she consistently picks the Art Adventure one.

Again, such a little artist.  Audrey can color forever.  One day she colored for over an hour on her own.  She LOVES it.  I have started running again over the break, so Grammy came over each day to watch Auds for a little bit while I got back into it.  I would always come back to find them coloring or playing one of Audrey's new board games.

Goodbye Christmas Break, we will miss you!

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Gerri said...

I am so glad that you both had a wonderful vacation. I loved my special time with Audrey every day. She is my sweetheart!