Monday, March 3, 2014

Fun Weekend

As I'm typing this, Audrey is in her room getting ready for bed, belting out "Let It Go" at the top of her lungs.  It is the cutest thing ever.  Lately she has just been off the charts FUN.  Like I want to bottle up this stage of her life and keep it this way forever.  I find myself watching her do something, like rhyme words or carefully create a card for her friend's birthday, and wanting to freeze time.  I'm sure she'll throw a tantrum in the morning to remind me that it's not all sunshine and roses, but lately it has been. ;)

We had SUCH a fun weekend!  I left my camera at school on Friday after using it to take photos of my students, and really wished I had it this weekend.  We kicked off the weekend on Friday with Grammy picking up Audrey from school so I could go to dinner with some friends.  I had some much needed Girl time with my friends, and Audrey had a blast with Grammy!  

On Saturday we headed to my friend Liz's daughter's birthday party at Paint N Party.  Audrey absolutely loved it and got to create her own ceramic artwork that we have now hung in her room. Afterwords, we were supposed to meet another friend at ASI Gymnastic's Re-Opening Party.  They had to cancel, so we went on our own.  Audrey hasn't been in Gymnastics for almost a year now I think, and I didn't really think she missed it.  But from the moment we walked in, all she could talk about was all of the jumps/moves/stretches she learned and how she just HAS to go back to Gymnastics classes again.  With Spring soccer going on right now, I'm not sure we can make that happen!

On Sunday, Grandpa took us to The Little Mermaid Musical at the Dallas Music Hall.  Audrey and I were both super excited about it.  When we started driving down there, I got a little nervous.  It was hailing, sleeting, snowing, raining, etc.  Just about every type of precipitation that could come down, did!  I wanted to turn around, but my dad volunteered to drive, so we trekked on and made it.  The Dallas Music Hall was beautiful and we had great seats.  The show was AMAZING.  Just amazing.  Let me just say that it held Audrey's attention for almost 3 hours.  It was interesting to see how they changed the movie version to fit the stage.  Audrey caught on to every little difference and let me know "This is DIFFERENT than the movie!" a few times throughout the show.  She absolutely loved it keeps singing the songs from it.  Such a fun experience.

Then it was time to drive home.  The weather was really really bad.  It was sleeting and the ice was sticking to the ground.  It was a tough drive home, and I thought for sure we were going to crash a few times, but we made it.  

And then today was a SNOW DAY!  Woo hoo!  We've had lots of drawing time, singing time, and cleaning time.  Audrey was disappointed that the snow didn't stick and we couldn't play in it, but we enjoyed a nice day around the house. 

This weekend was one to remember.  :)


garyn said...

A very good musical that even Grandpa thought was excellent. Extremely talented young singers, dancers and actors.
Can't describe how nervous I was driving, especially with my precious passengers on board. It was as difficult a drive as I have ever done. Felt like a 10 hour drive but well worth it. A show for all ages.

Gerri said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

N said...

audrey = fun!!!!