Friday, March 20, 2009

More Pictures . . .

I have more pictures to share . . . 

This is from a month ago.  Sterling came up to visit all the way from Uvalde with her 2 beautiful girls!  Nixon and Darin are both precious.  Nixon is especially cute.  She kept asking to kiss the little baby.  :)

Here's Audrey with Grandpa last Friday.  She loves to see him!

Audrey has so many friends already!  Paige was so cute with her.  "Can I kiss Baby Audrey?  Please Mommy, let me hold her now!"  Paige is just too cute and I can't wait until Audrey is at that age.

This is from last weekend when Audrey had her first overnight stay with Grammy.  She had SO much fun.  We were a little nervous, but she slept and ate great.  James and I had a nice time just relaxing and spending time with each other as well as having some time to ourselves.  It was wonderful!  

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