Thursday, August 6, 2009

Too Fun!

We've been so busy this past week! We started the week on Tuesday going over to my friend Sterling's parents' house to celebrate Daren's 1st Birthday. Got that? :) Sterling is one of my closest friends, we've been friends since 5th grade! She lives with her husband Chris, two daughters Nixon and Daren, in Uvalde, TX. Which is 6 HOURS AWAY! Luckily her parents still live in P-town, so we get to see them when they come in town. Anywho, Daren had her 1st birthday this past week. It was a lot of fun. And also really nostalgic for me because the last time we got the girls together Daren was 6 months old and Audrey was just a few weeks old. It's amazing how time flies!

Nixon is the sweetest girl and she was just so precious with Audrey. Here she is trying to give her the balloon.
Audrey's all "I got it, now what's going on over here . . ." :)

Daren and Audrey playing . . .

And here's one of Audrey sleeping tonight. This is her new favorite position. Butt up, legs in, let's sleep!

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