Saturday, November 28, 2009

10 months and a Turkey!

Wow! I know I say this every month, but I cannot believe Audrey is so old! 10 months. She is just doing so many new things every day. Here's her "Top Ten"!

1. I love to pull myself up onto everything. Everything!
2. My favorite toy in the whole house is the power button on the tv. It's so fun to turn the tv on and off when Mom and Dad are trying to watch!
3. My 2 favorite "real" toys are my push stroller that I can walk with. I can walk with my stroller all around the house by myself! I also love my Dance and Sing Stage. I dance by shaking my hips back and forth. Watch out Beyonce!
4. I can eat all kinds of food now! Cheese, cheerios, crackers, turkey, spaghetti, I love it all. Except bananas. I spit those out every time.
5. I've learned how to make a snorting sound. Mommy laughs every time I do this!
6. I can say Mama!
7. My favorite book is Chicka Chicka ABC.
8. I have to have my 2 blankies to sleep with.
9. I can stand on my own for a minute or so now!
10. I can almost walk by myself!

We tried the pictures in Mr. Bear's lap again this month, but Auds would not have it. So we tried something new. At least we can see how much she's grown?

Thanksgiving was so exciting with Audrey!
Here's her Uncle Eric actually COOKING!

Grammy did a *little* cooking. (by little I mean cooking a complete delicious meal!)

Eric and I

An Adams and Nedzinski holiday tradition - PUZZLES! Daddy got Audrey started. She worked on it for a few seconds. ;)

Okay people, I'm ready, where's this Thanksgiving dinner I've been hearing so much about??


All done!

Now on to Christmas!!

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