Wednesday, November 4, 2009


James and I hosted a little Liptonshire Street Halloween Happy Hour on Saturday. We are so lucky to live on a street with such wonderful people, and some pretty cute babies! ;)

Here is Audrey, Little Miss Ballerina, greeting everyone at the door. I remember being in Gymboree less than a year ago, while pregnant, finding her costume on sale and thinking how cute it would be on my baby. Little did I know just HOW cute my baby would be!

James was a vampire and I was a witch. Aren't we creative?? We put a swing in our front yard and she just loves it.

Family Portrait. Two scary parents and one precious baby.

Audrey and Grammy.

Here's Audrey playing with her friend Ayers, who lives down the street. He was the cutest pumpkin!

The HOB had a great costume. Hilarious!

Adrienne, sweet Caroline (really, it's not just a song, she is!), Audrey, and Mommy.

Mommies and babies.

Our awesome neighbors, Alice who lives next door, and Mary Nell who is down the street.

And here's Greta, and her friend with the sweet boombox.

Happy Halloween!

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