Friday, February 5, 2010

1 Year Old!!!

Wow. I cannot believe that this milestone is finally here. Audrey Elizabeth Adams is 1 year old. I was pretty emotional the week before her birthday. I kept remembering every moment as it was 1 year ago. I remember being so uncomfortable that I just wanted her OUT. I remember James and I planning every single detail. I look back at that time and am just in awe at how little we knew of what was to come of our lives. How could we imagine this perfect being? Audrey is simply the best thing ever. We are so blessed to have known her this past year and I can't even imagine what the next year will bring.

Happy Birthday Audrey! We woke her up with a candle in a donut. She loved the candle, not so much the donut, which is a theme that went throughout the day . . .

Time to pose with Mr. Bear!

Heather wanted to get Audrey some ice cream for her first birthday. What a perfect idea! So Heather, Bridgette, Audrey and I went over to Northpark for a birthday outing. Audrey had a great time until we actually forced her to try some ice cream
After a few bites I let her go . .

and had to chase her through the mall!!! Ok, fine, we'll give you some veggies

On to the party. James and I have been calling Audrey "our little bear" since day one. So that was the theme of the party. And yes, I made these super cute cookies!

Heather made the delicious cupcakes.

She also designed the invitations and gift tags. Too cute!

Audrey was ready to PAR-TAY!

Posing with Grammy

And with Grandpa and Mommy

Audrey had all of her friends there. Miss Paige stole the show and was such a helper with Audrey. :)

Audrey and DaddyThis picture isn't the best, but it's Audrey's FNA's. (Favorite Neighborhood Aunts) Mary Nell and Julie are so good with Auds!

Play time!

Okay, time for a cupcake hat
and a real cupcake!

Happy 1st Birthday Audrey!
She is such a lucky girl because she is loved by so many. I was so crazy that day that I missed so many photo ops. Thank you to everyone who loves our Audrey.

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