Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy 2nd Valentine's Day!

Wow! This is our second Valentine's Day with Audrey! Last year at this time James and I had big plans. My mom was coming over to watch Auds while James and I went to see "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan". I was sooooo nervous. I remember giving my mom itemized instruction on how to give the bottle, put Audrey to bed, etc as if she hadn't done this before! And this was our big night out. And the movie was . . .AWFUL. So bad I actually yelled in the theater at the end because this was my one night out and this movie ruined it!!!

But look how cute Auds was!

Here she is this year, getting her balloon . . .

And cookie cake

MMM, yummy!

Opening up her gift while still eating

Dinner out at Picassos

Before we know it she'll have her own date for V-day!!

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