Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Girl Table!

Well, Audrey has decided she is done with the highchair! Which is fine by me because that thing is *not* fun to clean up! The past few days she has been asking to sit at the table, and tonight I decided we would have a Mommy and Audrey dinner at the kitchen table. Just two ladies chatting about their day! ;) She loved it right away and dug right into her dinner. (It was Mac and Cheese with hot dogs and peas and carrots -don't judge - it was a long day!!!)

Then I reminded her that big girls who sit at the table have to use their utensils properly. And she did! She loved using her fork to get her hots dogs. Too cute!
Eating dinner with Mommy at the table is FUN!!!

Next thing we know she'll be asking for a glass of wine with her dinner! ;)

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