Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow! Hard to believe this is Audrey's 3rd Valentine's Day. This was the most fun one by far because she got to have a party at school and pass out and get Valentine's from her friends.

Her day started with her gifts from Mommy and Daddy . . .

She loved the Elmo book we got her. (Trying to break away a liiitle bit from the Dora here.)

Wait, you mean I get chocolate in the morning Daddy?? YAY!!!
Not so impressed by her Valentine bear. But hey, who wouldn't be when there's chocolate to be eaten? ;)

Please can I have one more piece for breakfast??? Well okay, it's a special day!

Dressed and ready to go at school to pass out cards and have a par-tay!

After school we passed out valentines to all of our neighbors with Bridgette, Aiden, and Heather. The girls' moods cracked us up. They both had their share of sugar and went from way excited to super meltdown mode within minutes. They kept us on our toes! :)

V-day dinner at Picasso's. Coloring with Mommy. Notice the booster seat!! She no longer needs the high chair!

My precious Valentine. :)

Drinking from a big girl cup.

Ready for bed after a long day of partying. Reading books with Daddy is a great way to end Valentine's Day.
Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!

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