Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Decorating

AAHHH!  I've tried to post this 3 times now, and cannot get the pictures in the correct order.  So, whatever!  ;)  Yesterday James came over and we took Audrey to get our tree.  She was so excited!  It's really fun to see her so into the Christmas spirit.  We stuck to the good ole tradition that has been going on for many years now . . . James getting the tree all set up and putting the lights on.  And then me not liking it.  I am not a perfectionist in most areas of my life, but for some reason the Christmas tree always brings out this OCDness in me.  The lights have to be "just so", the decorations in the right order, etc. etc.  It's funny at this point.  James now just says "Ok, I'm going to put the lights up so  you can tell me how to rearrange them."  ;)  And we always have Elf on while decorating.  "I just love to smile.  Smiling's my favorite!"  

Seriously, this movie cracks me up every year.  

The finished product:

This was supposed to be at the end of the post, but Audrey is SO EXCITED to have our Elf, Frederick, come visit us again.  It's so much fun to see where he is every morning.

This is James as I was asking him to rearrange the lights.  Again.  But he did!

Auds loved hanging up the ornaments.

Helping Daddy get the lights ready . . . 

Watching Elf and organizing decorations . . .

Bring on the Christmas festivities.  I can't wait to see the trains at Northpark, look at Christmas lights, build Gingerbread houses . . .and send and receive Christmas cards.  Woo-hoo!

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Gerri said...

It's the happiest time of the year!! What wonderful memories are being made. Audrey has grown up so much in he past year. What a precious girl she is!!!!! Love you!!!