Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Pageant

Every year Audrey's school puts on the BEST Christmas show.  Each of the classes gets to perform two songs and it is always amazing.  The kids start practicing months in advance and you can just tell how hard their teachers work with them.  Audrey was SO excited to perform this year.  She's been singing her songs every night and rehearsing for me so well that I actually think "I" could have gotten up there.  ;)  Her class' first song was about Santa being on vacation, so all of the girls dressed up in Hula gear.  When her class got up there and performed it was seriously the cutest.thing.ever.  I don't have pictures to do it justice, because I was so busy just WATCHING.  James recorded it on his phone, but that didn't turn out well either.  Luckily I ordered the DVD.  Here's our little superstar front and center!

And then one parent had to be "that guy."  Every parent sat nicely in the audience, discreetly taking pictures, but then this jerk-o actually walked UP to the stage, sat his younger son ON THE STAGE people, and stood right in front of all of us for the performance.  Seriously?  Thanks for being in half my pictures and blocking my view buddy!

After the show with her besties, Sara and Madi.

Posing with Madi and the super sweet Dylan.  Dylan's mom was telling me that for the past few months all Dylan talks about after school is Audrey.  So cute!

I'll try to post the video when I get it.

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Gerri said...

Audrey was a super star in the performance. No stage fright in her! I love my sweet angel.