Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank you!!!

James and I are constantly amazed at how wonderful our family and friends are. I always knew we were blessed with great people in our lives, but since having Audrey, we are even more aware of it! I feel like we've been in a whirlwind since bringing Audrey home, and today as I finally have a minute to sit back, I am just so grateful for what everyone has done for us.

We haven't had to cook a meal since we've been home. Thank you to our wonderful neighbors, to the HOB, to Ashley, and to Jordan! We've never eaten this good! :)

We are still getting gifts from people. I can't believe it. Audrey has the biggest clothes collection of any baby!!

This past weekend Aunt Kristen came to visit!!! It was soooooo wonderful to have her here. We took Audrey for a walk, watched Sex and the City with Audrey ;), and had great girl talk. The Starwalts also came over for dinner and it was so nice to have them here. It was too much fun!

And my mom came to stay overnight and for the first day that James went back to work. Thank goodness! She gave Audrey her first bath. Audrey loved it! Thank you mom for helping us!!

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone for all of your support. Having a baby is hard work and it helps to know that you have people to fall back on. :)
And here's my new favorite picture of Audrey and Daddy.

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