Sunday, June 26, 2011

Best Weekend Ever, Part 1

This weekend was by far the most exciting one we've had in awhile. First and foremost Uncle Eric came to vist anf he brought his dog Laken! Now you all know I have never been a dog lover, but seeing Audrey interact with Laken (plus Laken is the best behaved dog ever) made me rethink on having a dog. Here's Audrey playing with Laken and her toys,
Mommy, I LOVE Laken, can we have a doggy pretty please??

I love my Uncle Eri

MOVIE TIME!! We took Auds to see her first movie, Cars 2.

Picking out candy . .

Ready for the show!

She loved it! Can't wait to take her to see more movies in the future. :)


Gerri said...

Busy time! Audrey seems so grown up at the movies~~and Audrey with Eric and Laken is just plain SWEET!!!

Hilary said...

Cade wants to invite Audrey to play with our doggy and go see a movie! Super cute pics!