Sunday, June 26, 2011

Best Weekend Ever Part 2

Breakfast with Grammy, Uncle Eric and Mommy at our new favorite breakfast place, Crossroads Diner. It just opened up at Walnut Hill and Greenville and it was amazing.

Here are Grammy and Audrey coloring while waiting for out delicious food.

Still coloring . . . but it was worth the wait!

Audrey, happy and content after a wonderful breakfast with her favorite peeps.

Part 2 of Day 2 of the Best weekend ever. Splash Park with Audrey's BFF Sara! Here we are trying for a group shot, not really working because the girls were too excited to get going.

Fun in the water. It was so interesting to watch the girls play in the water. Sara was so adventourous, running from this place to that, while Auds kind of hung back and took awhile to join in.

Friends! :) I just love watching Sara and Audrey interact. More than one person has commented that Sara looks and acts like my best friend when I was younger, Kristen. I tend to agree. What an interesting observation!
And of course ice cream is the perfect end to a perfect weekend. :)


Katie said...

Yay! So much fun! Sara never did fall asleep in the car, so we are definitely going to call it an early night. Thanks for a fun day!

Gerri said...

Perfect end to a great weekend! Audrey and Sara do look like they had alot of fun!