Monday, March 5, 2012

Jumpin Around

We had such a fun playdate on Saturday. It was with my friend Hilary and her son Cade, who Audrey loves. Hilary suggested going to this place, Jump Mania, which turned out to be AWESOME! It was only $3 per child and the place was full of huge inflatable jump houses, slides, and toys. The kiddos loved it!

Audrey was beside herself with excitement the whole time. :)
Crawling through the obstacle course to get to the slides . . .it was hard work! The mommies did it a few times too and it was quite the work out!
Climbing up the stairs to the big slide with Cade . . .I must admit, I was pretty nervous at first. This thing was TALL, but they got the hang of it right away.


Friends. :) These two are so sweet together and they love to hold hands. I love it!

After all of the jumping, we decided to go to lunch. Hilary convinced me to go to Raising Cane's, which everyone had been telling me to try for awhile now. It.was.awesome. Their dipping sauce is amazing. After a slight tantrum when we first got there, Audrey was happy as could be to have lunch with her friend. :)

Going in for the hug . . . . Cadester isn't quite as into it. ;)

Ready to go home! And, oh my goodness were they ever. Audrey, who hasn't napped at home in MONTHS, slept for TWO HOURS when we got home. All that jumping is hard work!!!

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Gerri said...

Oh my goodness. What a fun, fun day!!! MEMORIES!