Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Many Expressions of Audrey While Reading

Like I've said before, Audrey's teachers at school are AMAZING and teach her so much. They've been teaching the kiddos about the expressions of the characters in the books they are reading, and they encourage the kids to make the "face" that the character feels in each part of the story. Audrey LOVES that and has since been wanting me to do the same thing when she "reads" to me. It's hilarious and the cutest thing ever. Here she is reading the beginning of her Tangled book, where the horse is being mean to Flynn and he feels sad. So Audrey stops the book and says to me, "He's sad, show me your sad face Mom!" and then we make sad faces together.
"He surprised, show me your surprised face!"

Now Tangled (really Rapunzel, but Auds insists on calling her Tangled) is excited. "Show me your excited face mom!"

Tangled is so happy now, "Show me your happy face!" :)


Gerri said...

This is soooooooo AWESOME!!! Audrey always is so expressive!

N said...

she truly is expressive!!