Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Visit to Tulsa

Our Spring Break visit to Tulsa can be summed up in one word. LAKEN! That is Eric's dog and Audrey is obsessed with her. It's so funny to me, because as everyone knows, I am most definitely NOT a dog person. But Audrey is really turning out to be a dog lover, so who knows, I may have to get a dog in the near future.

We had been talking about going to see Uncle Eric for awhile now, and every time I mentioned it, Audrey yelled "Laken! I see Laken!!" So she was ready for the trip. When she woke up on Saturday morning she could not wait to get out of the house and on the road. I was a little nervous about the almost 5 hour drive because our portable DVD player had just broken and I wasn't sure how she would do. My mom thought (and rightfully so) that I was being ridiculous. She gave me the standard speech "Back in my day . . .what do you think we did before those things, you were fine in the car . . . ." !! ;) So off we went with tons of toys, coloring sheets, and anything else I could toss in the car. Luckily Grammy was with us, so worst case scenario she could hop in the backseat to keeps Auds company.

Oh my goodness y'all . . . I should not have worried for minute. Audrey was beyond perfect. (Which as we know doesn't happen much these days.) She did not even WHINE once in the car, which she does plenty of at home. She was happy as a clam to sit in the backseat and play with her babies and color. The only issue was that she didn't want to potty in any of the places that we stoppped. (And could we really blame her?!) So I resorted to the tried and true candy bribery. Worked like a charm and we were good to go. ;)

Audrey loves her Uncle Eric almost more than she loves me. Maybe even more, because the week leading up to the trip she kept saying that Uncle Eric was her favorite person in the whole entire world, but she only wanted Laken when we finally got to Eric's. Here they are playing in the backyard . . .

Oh . . . I forgot my camera at home, so these are from my mom's camera. I was SO mad at myself and missed my new camera SO much!

Audrey LOVED reading to Laken. It was SO stinkin cute.

The weather was horrible over the weekend and it rained the whole time, so we had to make up some things to keep Auds occupied. Making cookies . . . yum!

On Monday it was absolutely beautiful outside. We walked Laken to the park and played, walked by the creek, and helped Eric plant some things outside. Audrey LOVED helping Grammy garden.

Finally, it was time to go and Audrey was so sad. Here she is saying goodbye to Laken.

Overall it was a great trip. I forget what a great traveler my girl is. Can't wait to do it again soon!

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Gerri said...

A fun trip indeed!! And yes, back in the day when I traveled with you and Eric, we did not have all these gadgets! In your defense, we did not know any different!!!