Friday, June 29, 2012

We're fixed!!! :)

The blog is fixed, the blog is fixed!  I can blog again!  A huge thank you to my friend Katie for coming over and fixing it for me.  She also has a wonderful blog:

Audrey took swim lessons these past two weeks and it was AMAZING!  She took it with three of her friends with a private instructor, Ms. Kristy who is awesome.  I was a little apprehensive with how Auds would do, but she just jumped right in and was a little fish.  I am SO proud of her.

Waiting for lessons to start with Sara and Madi

Swimming on her stomach!
 Look at me!
 Splashing with friends.

This has been one of my favorite experiences with Audrey yet.  She really tried her hardest and listened and was just all around a rock star.  I can't wait to start swim team eventually, just like I did!!

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Gerri said...

My sweet, sweet Audrey did AWESOME. What a swimmer she is going to be.