Thursday, June 21, 2012

Swim Lessons!

Blogspot is not my friend recently.  Yesterday I had a whole post dedicated to Audrey's swim lessons, but it wouldn't let me post.  So I will try again today with less pictures.  Audrey is taking private lessons at her friend Madi's house with 2 other friends and it is so much fun.  Audrey has really taken to it and is a little daredevil!  She let's Ms. Kristi drop her to the bottom and she swims her way up!  She can also swim from where Ms. Kristi drops her to the step.  It's amazing and Audrey is just so proud of herself.  This is one of my favorite mommy experiences yet.  Seeing my daughter excel at something that she loves! 

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Gerri said...

How awesome. It looks like Audrey will be a natural swimmer. Grammy is proud of you sweetie!!! I can't wait to see you in the water.