Thursday, August 22, 2013

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

When I was pregnant with Audrey, I was on a mission to find the perfect "thing" to hang over her crib.  At the time, it was all about perfecting the nursery.  Making her room Pinterest-ready for her to sleep in.  James and I worked so very hard on creating the perfect room for Audrey to come home to.  James redid the closets, put up wainscoating, put in all new light fixtures, etc, etc.  We literally built Audrey a brand new room.  But during those nine *wonderful* months of pregnancy, I couldn't find what I wanted to hang over Audrey's crib.  One day, towards the end of my pregnancy, James and I wandered into a shop and I saw a sign that read "Always Kiss Me Goodnight."  It matched our color scheme and for some reason, I just felt the need to put it in Audrey's room.  So we got it and James put it up above her crib.  I have always liked it, but recently it has hit me that, yes, the highlight of my day IS kissing Audrey goodnight every night.  She is one year out from starting Kindergarten.  She won't always want me to kiss her goodnight.  But our bedtime ritual is the stuff to live by friends.  Daily life can be long or hard sometimes, but I know that as long as I have our bedtime routine to look forward to, life is pretty amazing.

Reading books to me

Calling Daddy to say "Goodnight" . . . oh how she loves to talk to her Daddy, or talk on my phone!  ;)

Saying our prayers. . .  I pray that Audrey can always go to sleep knowing she has something to be thankful to God for.

Asleep with her blankies and Bear.  Sweet dreams Auds, thank you for making this time of day the "Best Ever"!  (to quote your Nana)


garyn said...

This is absolutely, positively adorable.

GrandDad said...

I have not visited your site as often as I should. I have too often relied upon pictures coming directly to me. Have I ever erred. To quote precious, I promise to ' never, ever, ever, never', fail to regularly visit again. Your blog reflects a great deal of effort, and love. We are all lucky to share in Audrey's life. Someday, she will appreciate having you and James as her parents. Papa

Gerri said...

Audrey just melts my heart. These rituals you will have in your heart forever!!

N said...

Grandad (aka papa) alerted me to BEST EVER!!!!! INDEED!!!

I wish I could squeeze her right this minute!

Hilary said...

Adorable! Love her little crossed legs reading the book. Stay little forever sweet girl!