Monday, August 19, 2013

"Cheerleader Position!"

Audrey's dance class at school did a Cheerleading Camp this summer.  They've been working very hard on their cheers, jumps, and dances.

They had their Pep Rally tonight and it was just too cute.  Audrey was so excited and she literally struck this pose without me prompting!

Finding her spot, Audrey's favorite thing to do.  :)

Ready to go!  

Striking a pose.  They kicked it off with a super cute dance and then did some cheers.

Bust a move!

Group shot

And of course, a BFF shot with Madi.



Gerri said...

So absolutely cute!!!

garyn said...

Sorry I was out of town for this. Thanks for sending the video. It was great. Good luck to both you and Audrey on the start of another school year.

N said...

It is all so wonderful to see!! I missed some of these and am so glad to view everything!!!