Monday, July 27, 2009

True Life . . . Living with a Doc Band

Well, Audrey has been wearing her Doc Band for about a full week now. It's already been such an interesting journey. It doesn't seem to bother her at all during the day, but at night it's a different story. James and I watch her each night on the monitor trying to get comfy. It's hard for her! She's been waking up a few times each night crying. Usually she can get herself back to sleep within a few minutes, but sometimes she just wants us to hold her and rock her back to sleep. What a transition for us! She spoiled us by sleeping through the night at six weeks. Last night we were up 3 times trying to calm her down. The poor baby also just got 2 new teeth, so her jaw hurts, her head isn't comfy, and she just wants to sleep. I think it is the teething though, and not the helmet. I wonder how long this stage lasts??

And, during the day, she's just a beautiful baby, with a helmet. I knew people would stare but I didn't know how KIND people really are. It's actually been a lot of fun to go out every day and meet new people. Everyone wants to talk to us now and know why she's wearing the helmet. It's so neat to talk to people every day and explain to them why Audrey's wearing her helmet.

The most common question is: "Oh, did she just have surgery?" The best one so far has been the older man we saw in Target yesterday. He was probably in his 80's, and he just came up to Audrey, looked at her, and then pointed to her helmet and said "That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. What a precious baby." So sweet!

We also had the best playdate with my friend Hilary and her baby boy Cade at Northpark Mall this week. He is 3 months old and he just got his band too! It was our first outing with the helmet, and it was so nice to have another "helmet baby" with us. Hilary is my friend from when I worked at the super cool Islands' restaurant in high school. She is a great girl with a wonderful baby. Little Cade even brought Audrey some stickers to decorate her band with. What a gentleman! :)

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