Sunday, July 1, 2012

Can We Please Get a Little Cool Air Up In Here?

Oh my goodness.  What a few weeks.  Last week our a/c went out.  We are renting right now, so I called my landlord and he got someone to come fix it.  Problem solved, right?  Well last Friday night after we were coming home from a lateish dinner for us after swim lessons with friends, we came home to our fire alarm beeping.  Now being a single woman who has only lived alone for a year now, I of course called my mom for help!!  She tried to change the batteries out, etc, to get it to stop beeping.  No dice.  So I called on my very nice neighbor, and very friendly older man who I figured could fix it.  Nope.  He tried everything, and eventually just disassembled it and told me he would e-mail my landlord the name of the electrician they had to use to fix their smoke alarm.  Great.  So hopefully we won't need that smoke alarm, because we haven't heard from that electrician!!

And then yesterday, the a/c went out.  AGAIN.  The day after we spent the all day in the sun swimming at Jack Carter Pool.  I was feeling like I had heat stroke.  Oh my goodness y'all, I felt so weak.  My good friend Hilary even offered to have Audrey come over to spend the night.  (And she has two kids under the age of 3!)  Greatest friend ever! I talked with my landlord and he said someone would be here this morning.  (Sunday)  So Auds and I ended up staying at my dad's house last night and are now home WAITING on the a/c guy.  Hello buddy, it's summer in TX.  We're HOT!!!  And I have a babysitter coming over this afternoon so I can grab a late lunch with some friends.  He BEST be finished by then.  I don't get out too often!  Wish us luck!  ;)

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