Friday, July 13, 2012

Trip to Tyler

You know you have a special friend when you haven't seen them for almost exactly a year, but when you finally do get together it's like you've been hanging out every day?  That's how it is with my friend Kristen.  We've been bff's and not such bff's on an off since 1st Grade.  ;)  I love her and her family dearly.  It's jut hard to get to see her because she lives in Indianapolis and I'm here in Dallas.  But she came to visit her family in Tyler this week so Auds and I took the opportunity to drive down for the day and hang out with Kristen and her son Tripp, who just turned one, and of course enjoy the lake.  Her parents have THE most beautiful house on the lake.  It's amazing.  Here's Auds getting her bearing being on the boat for the first time . . . .

Here is the worst picture EVER of me that I am posting b/c it's cute of Audrey.  She loved sitting at the front of the boat.  :)

Audrey also loved feeding bread to the duckies.  She was a bit obsessed with it.
 And here's Auntie Kristen letting Auds read to her and Tripp.
It was such a good trip and I'm so glad we went.  Auds was SOOOOO good in the car even without a DVD player.  She was content just looking at the scenery.  But most of all I was so happy to spend time Kristen.  You know I love you dearly and I can't wait to see you again!!

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Gerri said...

What a wonderful visit. Many, many memories are made with the Starwalts!