Friday, July 6, 2012

I did it, on my own!

Okay, so I realize that this is NOT a big deal to most people, but I bought my own lamps, got the right lightbulbs, and set them up!!!  I absolutely love them.  I've been looking for awhile now for the perfect bedside lamps to replace the too lowlight ones I had, and finally found these at Lowe's, at 9pm, on Friday night.  But nothing could make me prouder.  I did it by myself!  And I love how they look!!  (Yes, I know something needs to go above the bed, that's my next project.)

I put one of the old bedside lamps in the office and it works PERFECTLY.  It's just the right light for me to be working out here (who am I kidding, checking facebook) while Audrey sleeps.

And here is my finished wall of crosses.  No, it's not a sideways wall, I just took the pic quickly.  ;)  I absolutely love how it looks.  It inspires me daily.
I never would have thought that I would be able to decorate a house by myself before, but you know what, I think I'm doing pretty good so far!!!  :)

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Gerri said...

You went out to Lowes at 9 pm?? WOW!! Everything looks great. I love baby Audrey looking at us from the computer!!!