Monday, July 9, 2012

Perfect Summer Days

So to kick off this best ever summer day, Audrey slept until . . .wait for it . . .  8:45 am!  This has never happened.  Ever.  It was amazing and has set a new standard for sleeping in the Adams' House.

Then it was time to head to the gym and I had a great workout and Auds had a lot of fun playing in the Kids' Klub.  Then we came home and played tea party, Audrey helped me fold laundry, and then we had lunch.  After lunch Auds wanted to watch Little Bill, so I said ok but after that it was nap time.  15 minutes later I heard her turn the tv off and walk upstairs.  I waited a minute and then peeked in her room and she was covered up, ready to doze off.  Nicely done my friend!

After nap time it was pool time, woo-hoo!  

After swimming who doesn't enjoy some ice cream au natural?

Then Grammy came over to play and check out the new bike,  fun fun!!

After that we took Audrey to her favorite restaurant, "The Jello Restaurant"  aka Spring Creek BBQ.

Aah, jello, way to complete the day.

It was really a wonderful day.  I'm sure she'll wake up at 5:45 tomorrow morning and won't want to play, but today made it all worth it!

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Gerri said...

A perfectly happy day. This is one you will remember!! I love you both so very much.