Monday, February 25, 2013

Back To Reality

Isn't she so sweet?  Sitting there looking at all of the "fancy girls" in my People Magazine.  But, not so much.  I knew we'd have a tough transition from a week at Nana and Papa's to our daily life at home.  But she tricked me!  She was SO well behaved yesterday and when I woke her up this morning to go to school she got ready so easily.  I thought I had this.  I mean, if she can get up at 6:30 am and get dressed without complaint after sleeping in all last week, we were good.  NO.  I picked her up from school and the minute we got in the car it was like a switch had been flipped.  She was mad about every little thing.  We got home, she wouldn't put her coat up, then she hit me (Yes, she actually swatted at me) so off to time out she went.  And it wasn't pretty.  Yelling, screaming, trying to tear things off the wall.  But she did her time.  She's now up to 4 minutes in time out due to her last birthday.  ;)  After time out I told her she had to apologize to me.  Again comes the sobbing.  Finally she apologized and we were able to have a nice evening together.  She even helped me clean up the plates from the table.  But it's hard to compete with time at Nana and Papa's.  Time to get back to reality Missy!


Gerri said...

You do call Audrey a "trickster"! I think tomorrow will be easier than today once she gets back in the routine. You handled it great. Be sweet my sweet pea!!!

N said...

She is such a sweetheart.