Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Breakfast for Dinner

While Audrey was away for her trip, I had a lot of free time to think about things.  When you are being a Mom 24/7 there isn't a lot of time for self reflection.  But I realized a few things in my free time.  Number 1, I need some hobbies!  Pre-Audrey, I would stay late at work, then hit the 5:45 Step Class at the gym, then come home and have dinner, and then read a good book, all while talking to friends in between all of this.  But then came Audrey.  All of that "stuff" kind of fell by the wayside.  I've picked some of it up here or there.  I still talk to friends, just not as long as I used to, and our conversations are always interrupted by one of out kids, I've been working out again, just not every day like I used to, because you know, I have a kid to care for.  ;)  And I still am an awesome teacher, I've just learned to work more efficiently.  Not so much time for socializing with co--workers anymore.  I have to get my work done, so I can leave work and get my girl.  I am still reading, just not as much.  I am too exhausted after Audrey's bedtime to read anything that requires thinking.  But last week, as I had time to think about things, I realized how much I liked keeping this blog.  I really enjoy writing and expressing my feelings.  So my goal for myself is to update more regularly, maybe even daily.  Even if no one reads it (although I know all of the grandparents do!) it's a creative outlet for me and it lets me document Audrey's life.  

So back to today.  After our trying night last night, we are back on track tonight!  I picked her up and Audrey has been in good spirits ever since.  I was planning on making Quesidillas for dinner tonight, but Audrey randomly mentioned having pancakes for dinner.  Hmmm, we've never done that!  But why not.  So we had pancakes for dinner and she was SO happy.  Oh my goodness.  She kept thanking me over and over for her yummy pancakes and syrup for dinner.  We had such a nice time eating and talking about our day.  (Apparently her day consisted of learning about what month will be next and how to be a Jaguar.)

After dinner Audrey helped me clear the table and she even cleaned it off!  Let's just chalk this day up as SUCCESS. :)


Gerri said...

You have always been a very creative writer--this is an awesome blog! You are so right, life sure does change after children with time management becoming so important. Audrey is a precious gift. And there is nothing better than breakfast for dinner!! I love you both.

garyn said...

I always enjoy your writings. You have a gift and you use it quite well.
Good to see you two together again.
Now I'm hungry for pancakes!