Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday Party Pictures

Audrey had her birthday party at ASI Gymnastics again this year.  It was PERFECT.  The kids had a blast, the wonderful staff there set up everything and even served the kiddos, and there was no clean-up.  Perfect.  :)  

I didn't get a lot of good pictures.  Audrey is in this stage of not wanting her picture taken.  She literally runs away when someone pulls a camera out.  Also, I decided to really enjoy her party with her and not be stuck behind the camera the whole time this year.  So, not a lot of great pictures, but it was a really wonderful party.

The birthday girl, ready to go!

Walking in with Daddy.

Can she be any more excited??!

Jumping around.

Audrey and her sweet friend Madi.

Getting to be the line leader.

Parachute fun!

AND, for the very first time Audrey held on to the rope swing and fell in the pit!!!

This was one of the ASI staff members who was awesome.  The kids loved him!


Blowing out the candles.  My little precious girl.  She's still shy and doesn't quite like being the center of attention.  

It was a wonderful party and we are so grateful for everyone who came out to celebrate with us!


garyn said...

Fantastic party and the staff was outstanding. Great place for that age group.
Have a wonderful year 4 Audrey.

Gerri said...

A wonderful day sweet, sweet Audrey. Grammy loves you!!!!