Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Best Mommy Moment #923

I love Audrey's school for so many reasons, but mainly because they have a wonderful Christian-based curriculum.  They have bible lessons and worship during the week.  One of my favorite things in the whole entire world is to hear Audrey sing her worship songs.  Tonight in the bath she was singing a new one called "I'm counting on God."  After she finished singing it, I asked her what it meant to count on God.  She wasn't too sure, so I explained to her that it meant if we were unsure about something or really wanted something to happen, we could pray to God about it and we could trust in him that the right thing would happen. She immediately bowed her head and put her hands together.  I rushed to grab my phone and caught her just in time praying.  She was saying "God, I miss my friend Madi.  Please let us have a playdate soon.  I pray to see my Nana and Papa soon."  Seriously.  So sweet.


Gerri said...

Oh how wonderful and cute! Whistle Stop is a wonderful school for Audrey. Her singing and praying is proof that she listens!!! What wonderful lessons for Audrey to learn!

garyn said...

Very cute picture.
I have been very impressed every time I have stopped over at Audrey's school. They are all polite, courteous and professional. And she has some very good friends there.

N said...

Very sweeet indeed!