Wednesday, March 13, 2013


It's that wonderful time of year again, Spring Break!  So we of course made plans with our BFF's to head down to Klyde Warren Park again.  (You may remember my previous post about this amazing park, titled The Best Playdate Ever).  

When we met sweet Cade, Devyn, and Hilary, the kiddos played and had a blast.  And then they were hungry.  I was SO excited to grab some yummy food from the food trucks again.  Only we walked over and the line was insane.  Like you'll have to wait 30 minutes to place your order. Luckily Hilary is a Super Mommy (something I strive to be one day) and had packed multiple PB&J sandwiches complete with sides and drinks for all of the kids.  Nice.  So we sat down (on the blanket she packed) and enjoyed a really nice lunch. Until a class on a school field trip decided to sit on our blanket with us.  I can't do this story justice.  We were just sitting there having a nice time when a class of like 30 kids seriously put their chairs on our blanket.  Hilary and I just kept looking at each other and cracking up.  I am still laughing about it!  But anywho, we then made it over to where a guy was singing and playing his guitar.

Audrey and Cade were so sweet.  They held hands and danced together and just had so much fun.  It was pure happiness.  


Gerri said...

What an awesome park. Audrey and Cade seem to be enjoying themselves. It is wonderful to have a mommies and kids playdate :-)

N said...

I hope you have great weather all this coming week.

Hilary said...

I love them together!! Those lines were crazy crazy for the food trucks. For once I packed stuff - usually I'm the girl without wipes or drinks. The stars aligned for one day of superness. I'm glad we were together!! I can't believe that daycare. It was still the PERFECT day - as is every playdate! I love your dancing pics!