Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 Year Interview

Thanks Kristin for this great idea! :)

Here is what's going on in Audrey's world these days . . .
Favorite Color: pink!! (she will only wear something if it's pink!)
Favorite Animal: fish
Best friend: Sara
Favorite Food: chicken nuggets
Favorite Tv show: Dora
Favorite Toy: "my babies"
Favorite Movie: Tangled
Favorite Drink: milk
Favorite Restaurant: The Hamby Store (that's what she calls Wendy's!)
Favorite place to go: The Hamby Store!
Favorite Game to play: blocks
Silliest thing daddy does: The Bear Clock (he holds her upside down and pretends she's a clock)
Silliest thing Mommy does: the computer (um, maybe I'm on it too much?!)

We have her party today and actual birthday tomorrow . . .pics to come!

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Gerri said...

Audrey's favorite person--her mommy!!