Saturday, January 28, 2012

Audrey's 3rd Birthday, Part 2

That's right, part 2. I had Part 1 all up and ready to post, but stupid has shut that window down TWO times now. So I will try that part again tomorrow.

So let's start this blog post AFTER the super fun party that Audrey had at ASI Gymnastics. More about that later.

Because even more importantly, Audrey's 3rd birthday was call for her to get her Big.Girl.Bed!!! So exciting. Now, truth be told she had been sleeping in Mommy's bed since we moved, and it was time for her to go back to her room. We had been talking up her big girl bed for the past month, and let her pick out her own princess bedding. She was SO excited.

James and Eric setting up the new bed . . .
I wish I had the super cute picture of her sleeping in it to share, but again shut me down. But so far, so good! Audrey has slept in her new room for over a week now and LOVES her new bed. Win win for everyone!! :)

This birthday she was also very interested in the presents . . .

and she got some AWESOME ones. Thank you to everyone who knows her so well and got her so many PERFECT gifts. She loves all of the play doh, Dora, and princess stuff. Let's just say she is never bored!

The day after her party was Audrey's actual birthday. It was so funny when I woke her up that day and sang Happy Birthday to her again, and she was all "No Mama, my birfday was yesterday, it's over!" Then when I explained how today was her real birthday she couldn't believe it!

Birthday donuts. . .

Playing with Grammy . . .

For lunch we asked Audrey where she wanted to go and she immediately replied "McDonald's!" So, that's where we went. But we went in style. Auds demanded that she and I both where our crowns. Why not?

Playing with Uncle Eric . . .

Happy Meal!

Ice Cream with Aunt Amanda

and the fun didn't end there. After everyone left, James and I took her to see Beauty and the Beast at the theater. She loooooves Belle, but hadn't seen the movie yet. It was fun to watch it with her, but she was a little scared. That Beast can be a little scary!

It really was a wonderful birthday weekend. Audrey was so excited and in to it and it just made me realize how fast she is growing up. As everyone knows, I wasn't a fan of the baby stage and couldn't wait for the toddler one, but now that it's here and flying by us, I have this need to slow things down and keep Audrey where she is. She'll be in Kindergarten before we know it!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my favorite little Sassypants! :)

Wait, here's her super cute photo in her new bed. So sweet! (blogger sometimes randomly places my photos!)

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Gerri said...

Audrey is growing up so fast. She had a fun birthday weekend. I love the picture of Audrey sleeping in her big girl bed. She looks like an angel!