Saturday, January 28, 2012

Audrey's 3rd Birthday

Audrey is 3! I can't believe she's actually that old! This was definitely our best and (easiest) birthday party for Audrey yet. We have always done parties at home, and while they were fun, they were also stressful. Having to clean the house, prepare food for adults and kiddos, create activities to entertain everyone, and did I mention the cleaning?!

So this year we opted to do Audrey's party at ASI Gymnastics. She had been to a few parties there and loved it, so I knew it would be fun for all of the kids. But it was even better than I imagined! We brought all of the decorations, snacks, cupcakes, etc, but the minute we got there the staff insisted on taking everything off of our hands and said they would set everything up and serve everyone! Now that's how I like to host a party! ;)

The birthday girl

Listening to the instructors . . .they were all so in to it!

Sliding down the slide

This is my favorite picture from the weekend. This is Audrey with her BFF Sara, and they are just hilarious together. I swear they have their own language that only the two of them can understand. They are both VERY opinionated and know what they want. I'm not sure what is happening in this picture but I think it has something to do with Sara telling Aunt Amanda what she wants Audrey to play with next and Auds is all "No, let's go play over there next!"

Auds leading the group . . .

Wells is such a big boy!!!

Play time . . .

Blowing out the candles with the help of a friend . . . :)

Snack Time!

Hangin with Auntie Amanda after the party . . .

Hey everyone, I'm THREE now!!

It was such a fun day and Audrey can't stop talking about it. Happy Birthday my love!

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Gerri said...

A happy and fun birthday party. Everyone di enjoy the day. Audrey is growing up to fast!!!