Sunday, January 15, 2012

And here comes Year 3 . . . (or Lord, please help me!)

Okay, so we were "those" people in Chili's today. James and I used to mock those parents whose children were having tantrums in public places. I remember us saying that would NEVER happen to us, and we would always leave the restaurant/store before our child ever screamed.

Right. Until today. It took us almost 3 years to be put in our place. Audrey has always liked restaurants, I mean, she is my child, so she has always been appeased by bread or chips while waiting for our food. We were headed out to Firewheel for lunch and to do some last minute birthday shopping for Auds. (and by last minute, I mean everything. We had to buy her big girl bed, bedding, party outfit and party favors). It was going to be a long day of shopping. Well the minute we walked into the Chili's she fell on the floor and SCREAMED. I picked her up, like oh I've got this, just show her the booth and she'll be cool. NO. She screamed even louder there. Everyone was staring. So I picked her up, walked her to the bathrooms, and had a Mommy to daughter talk with her. She continued to scream and try to climb the walls, while also trying to dart out in the aisles in front of the waiters. This called for my backup plan. The spanking. I told her if she continued to scream and yell, she would get a spanking. She kept on and tried to dart out into the restaurant again. So I pulled her back in and gave her the dreaded spanking, which I swear makes me feel worse than her. She wouldn't calm down. Luckily James came back then and took over. They were at the restrooms for almost 10 minutes, and I don't know what words of Daddy wisdom he used, but she came back to the table and acted like my normal Audrey. Eating chips and salsa and laughing. She then proceeded to be an angel through a whole afternoon of shopping. I know she is testing me, but oh my goodness. We'll see if we make it to four! Any mommies of 3 year olds out there, any advice would be appreciated. ;)


Hilary said...

I think this is why Chili's invented "the presidente" margarita....and the chocolate kid's shake. You bribe the child. Tantrum = no shake. And either way momma gets her 'Rita!

No, you did the right thing! That's exactly what happened to me when I was little and now I almost never tantrum in restaurants.

Gerri said...

Gather up all your patience and pray!! And keep reminding yourself how much you lover her!!