Saturday, January 14, 2012

Last Week of Being 2 . . .

and I just can't believe it! Audrey is feeling a little under the weather this morning, so she's being extra cuddly and wanting to be held, something she doesn't do much of anymore. It makes me realize how old she is becoming. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that I gave birth to her almost THREE years ago. It feels like she has always been here, yet the time has flown by. I know that every year is big and full of milestones, but this year just feels full of big BIG ones. Like my personal fave, becoming fully POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I get a whoop for that one? Now that happened fast and I truly take no credit for it. It's all her teachers at school. Once they asked her to go on the potty and her friends started doing it, she was all over it. It was pretty easy. She had a few accidents here and there and I had a few moments of panic (like at the Shrek Ice exhibit where there were NO bathrooms in the tour and I was sure she would have an accident and we wouldn't make it out in time, but nope, she did fine!) but once she decided to do it, she was potty trained. Which led to my not so sad goodbye to the diaper bag. I got to carry a real purse again this year! It was a little weird to leave the house the first few times without the diaper bag, pullups, wipes, etc, but I am so used to it now. ;)

I also feel like Audrey really came into her own as a person this year. She has her best friends that she plays with at school and talks about all of the time, her favorite things to do (play with her babies, color, and style mommy's hair), favorite foods (chicken nuggets, quesidillas, hamburgers, fruit, yogurt, meatballs and gravy) and foods she won't eat just yet, but hopefully will one day b/c mommy loves them (pizza, spaghetti, eggs, and well, this list is just to long to type out ;) ) and just all around OPINIONS. Girl is strong willed that's for sure. I love love love her strong personality and know that it will get her very far in life, but geez, she won't give up without a fight on things she doesn't want to do.

She is also smart (I know every parents says that!) and can count, identify letter sounds, rhyme, and remember every little detail. Just now I handed her a Christmas card for her to color on the back of, and she said "Look! It's December Audrey!" So cute.

Everyone keeps telling me that the "Terrible Two's" were nothing and that the "Trying Three's" will kick my butt and I'm sure they will. But it's worth it for my little (big girl) Auds!!

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Gerri said...

WOOP!!!!! Our sweet pea has become her own person!!! I love you Audrey!!